Shattuckite Healing Properties

Shattuckite Quartz Malachite

Healing properties of Shattuckite

Shattuckite may be helpful in stimulating cell division, repairing genetic information and healing genetically transmitted diseases including radiation damage. Shattuckite may be beneficial for minor health complaints, syphilitic miasm, balance, and intercellular structures. Shattuckite lends healing support in treatments of tonsillitis, blood clotting, and may assist to balance the spleen, bile and acid in the body.

Within the physical body it will heal the spleen, clear blockages, help in the treatment of tonsillitis and act as a general tonic for the body.

It will also remove hypnotic commands, and edicts against using your psychic vision. This may even apply to past life curses or commands for secrecy.

The darker indigo Blue Shattuckite stones may stimulate your visionary abilities. They are excellent to use in a meditation to develop psychic gifts as they work strongly within the third eye chakra.

The lighter blue stones have a lovely energy, and they work well within the throat chakra, and the green stones within the heart chakra.